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1、等待你的关心、直到我关上了心。 Waiting for your concern, until I close my heart. 2、总要彻彻底底绝望一次,才能重新再活一次。 You have to be desperate once and for all to live again. 3、自以为是刻骨铭心的回忆,别人早已已经忘记了。 The recollection that thinks oneself is unforgettable, others have already forgotten. 4、不要真的认为我很傻,有些事,我只是看在眼里埋在心里。 Don't really think I'm stupid, some things, I just see in the eyes buried in the heart. 5、做人真累,一萌就萌了十几年。 I'm really tired. I've been sprouting for more than ten years. 6、我害怕的是掏心掏肺之后,最后都成了路人。 What I'm afraid of is that after taking out my heart and lungs, I will become passers-by in the end. 7、我的每条说说都是写给你看的,全世界都有动静,就你没反应。 Every word I say is for you to see. There are movements all over the world, but you don't respond. 8、我在你看不见的地方想着你,你在我看不见的地方想着谁呢? I think of you where you can't see. Who do you think of where I can't see? 9、情到真意时,字字是肺腑。 When feeling comes to true meaning, words are the heart. 10、唱一曲离歌,用心碎的眼泪和悲伤的文字。 Sing a song of departure, with heartbroken tears and sad words. 11、邂逅了微笑,错过了绝望,每一站也算不孤单。 Encounter a smile, Miss despair, each station is not alone. 12、对于大多数人来说,他们认定自己有多幸福,就有多幸福。 For most people, they are as happy as they think they are. 13、为什么我爱的人,始终不是爱我的人。 Why I love people, always not love me. 14、没有人规定,没有翅膀就不可以留恋着天空。 No one stipulates that you can't miss the sky without wings. 15、后路没有你的存在,即使阳光给予我的温暖也是施舍。 The back road does not have your existence, even if the sunshine gives me the warmth is alms. 16、想给自己一个大嘴巴子,好了伤疤又忘了痛的蠢货。 Want to give themselves a big mouth, good scar and forget the pain fool. 17、泪,是幸福旳点缀,没有人能够体会。 Tears, is the embellishment of happiness, no one can understand. 18、世界太大还是遇见你,世界太小还是丢了你。 The world is too big or meet you, the world is too small or lost you. 19、有些路很远,走下去会很累。可是,不走,会后悔。 Some roads are far away, and it will be very tiring to walk on. However, if you don't leave, you will regret it. 20、不要走,请逗留,不要再让我心痛,难道你认为伤我还不够? Don't go, please stay, don't make my heart ache. Don't you think it's enough to hurt me? 21、爱情,要么让人成熟,要么让人堕落。 Love makes people mature or degenerates. 22、多年以前,我们在熟悉的街头成了陌生的朋友。 Many years ago, we became strange friends in the familiar streets. 23、我们爱着的是一些人,而与我们结婚生子的,又是另一些人。 We love some people, and we marry and have children, and others. 24、我没你们想象中的那么坚强,只是找不到让懦弱休息的地方。 I'm not as strong as you think, but I can't find a place to rest the cowardly. 25、安全感就是,你需要的那个人一直都在。 Security is that the person you need is always there. 26、从前的我没学会哭泣,现在的我时常泪流满面。 I did not learn to cry in the past, now I often cry. 27、很多时候,看得太透反而不快乐,还不如幼稚的没心没肺。 A lot of time, see too thoroughly but not happy, not as naive heartless. 28、我抵得住孤单和寂寞,却抵不住你在我身边的沉默。 I can withstand loneliness and loneliness, but I can't resist your silence around me. 29、笑在脸上显露一半,心里却是满腔酸楚。 Smile on the face half, but the heart is full of pain. 30、喝过你的酒,牵过你的手,到头还是一无所有。 After drinking your wine and holding your hand, you still have nothing in the end. 31、今生所做的一切我都不后悔,但若有来世,我再也不要爱上你。 I don't regret what I have done in this life, but if there is an afterlife, I will never fall in love with you again. 32、得到了才学会放下,失去了才学会珍惜,失败了才学会坚强。 Get to learn to put down, lost to learn to cherish, failure to learn to be strong. 33、刚要成熟,又要老去。时光,好不经用。 Just to mature, but also old. Time is of no use. 34、我生命中很多过客,当然,也不介意多你一个。 I have a lot of passers-by in my life. Of course, I don't mind one more. 35、后来,我爱过很多人,像你的发,像你的眼,却都不是你。 Later, I loved a lot of people, like your hair, like your eyes, but not you. 36、因为无能为力,所以顺其自然。因为心无所恃,所以随遇而安。 Because there is nothing to do, so let it be. Because the heart has nothing to rely on, so go with the flow. 37、一个人最伤心的事情无过于良心的死灭。 The most sad thing for a man is the death of his conscience. 38、不要去试探别人,否则你就知道什么叫全剧终。 Don't try to test others, or you will know what the end of the play is. 39、我不怕万人与我为敌,我只怕你在其中并对我置之不理。 I am not afraid that ten thousand men will be against me, but that you will be in it and ignore me. 40、等一朵花开,念一世情怀。 Wait for a flower to bloom, read a lifetime of feelings. 41、最后,喜欢变成了不甘,深爱变成了心酸。 Finally, like to become unwilling, deep love into sad. 42、你说世间什么最难熬,徒手摘星,还是爱而不得。 What do you say is the most difficult thing in the world, picking up the stars with your bare hands, or love but not. 43、从不后悔遇见过谁,只是后悔怎么成了现在这样的自己。 Never regret who met, just regret how to become such a self. 44、向你低头,一次,两次,次次。 Bow to you, once, twice, twice. 45、遇见一场烟火的表演,用一场轮回的时间。 Meet a fireworks performance, with a reincarnation time. 46、也想偶尔打扰你,可是我没有话题,也没有勇气。 I also want to disturb you occasionally, but I have no topic and no courage. 47、别说鱼没有眼泪,就算流成整个大海你也毫不知情。 Don't say that fish have no tears, even if the whole sea, you do not know. 48、希望你过得好,并让我一无所知。 I hope you have a good life and let me know nothing about it. 49、叶子的离开不是风的召唤,而是树的舍弃。 The leave of leaves is not the call of the wind, but the abandonment of trees. 50、何必向人证明什么,生活得更好,乃是为你自己。 Why prove to others that you can live a better life for yourself. 51、孤单不是与生俱来,而是由你爱上一个人那一刻开始。 Loneliness is not born, but from the moment you fall in love with someone. 52、给我一个理由忘记,那么深爱的你。 Give me a reason to forget, so deeply love you. 53、与其到处找借口,不如直接说一句我不爱了。 Instead of looking for excuses everywhere, it's better to say directly that I don't love. 54、你满心欢喜幻想着未来,他却悄悄计划怎么离开。 You are full of joy and fantasy about the future, but he secretly plans how to leave. 55、你和你的清茶,我尝我的烈酒,从此你我殊途,一生不再相遇。 You and your tea, I taste my liquor, from now on, you and I will never meet again in my life. 56、逝去的东西,最好不念,最好不见。 It's better not to read the lost things, or to see them. 57、有时候我不懂你,不懂你的心,不懂你的爱。 Sometimes I do not understand you, do not understand your heart, do not understand your love. 58、没有你的日子,我真的好累,终于明白眼泪的滋味。 Without you days, I am really tired, finally understand the taste of tears. 59、回忆是件很累的事情,就像失眠时怎么躺都不对的样子。 Memory is a very tired thing, just like how to lie down when insomnia is not right. 60、是我勇敢太久,决定为你一个人而活。 I was brave for too long and decided to live for you alone.